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Dawn Osborne | Fearless Mindset Coaching

Aug 13, 2019

Today we're talking about food and feelings and so if you've ever wondered how food affects your mood, then this is the content for you.

Here are the 7 keys that are going to help you to go from a bad diet and transition you into a healthy diet.

Key 1 - When you feel good, you usually eat well.
Key 2 - When you feel bad, you may eat badly
Key 3 - You need to get a revelation or an understanding of that food is fuel.
Key 4 - Food is a physical reflection of your inner emotional state.
Key 5 - Food affects your mood or your brain.
Key 6 - You need to let go of childhood conditioning.
Key 7 - Understand food and feelings is you need to have a healthy body image.

I really wanted you to know the connection between your emotions and your food and what you're eating and the choices that you're making.